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Finance a 2016 CHEVROLET TRAX LT

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Once you send in your auto credit application we can determine what amount you can qualify for.

That depends on what you would like your down payment to be. The more money down the less your payment will be.

That depends on what amount the financial institution approves you for. But rest assured we have plenty of used cars on our Winnipeg lot that can fit your needs and your budget.

Interest rates are set according to the current condition of your credit. Banks use a credit rating score to determine APR to be set for your auto loan. The credit rating score is normally referred to as FICO or Beacon score. Prime borrowing is usually a score above “660-710?, and interest rates for a prime customer are generally lower. A score between “300 and 659? is considered “special finance” or “sub-prime”. Sub-prime lending rates are usually a bit higher depending on your score and present personal circumstances such as owning a home and time at current position.