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Auto Excell only sells the safest Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Vans in Winnipeg. We will match your needs better than any used car dealership in Winnipeg. We specialize in getting the right car and budget just for you.

We have over 99% approval rate when it comes to Used Car Loans Winnipeg, MB and surrounding areas.

Winter Tire Financing Available
We're a participating retailer of the Manitoba Public Insurance Winter Tire Financing Program.

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We care a lot about your experience, the quality and reliability of our vehicles, as well as your financial situation. We don’t just want to sell cars, we want to make sure you drive away with confidence, as well as being comfortable with your automotive investment.

There are several reasons why financing a used car may be a better choice than financing a new one. Firstly, used cars generally have a lower purchase price than new cars, which means that you will need to borrow less money and have a lower monthly payment. Additionally, used cars often have a lower depreciation rate, which means that their value won’t decline as much as a new car’s value would. Since depreciation is the biggest cost of owning a new car, financing a used car could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Finally, financing a used car can be a great option for those with a limited budget or a shorter credit history, as lenders may be more willing to approve a loan for a used car that is less expensive than a new car.

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Highest Quality Vehicles

Our used cars are inspected for Safety, Mechanical, and general Quality Assurance, ensuring our used cars meet the highest quality standards before being added to our inventory.

Thousands of Vehicles

We offer a wide selection of used cars in Winnipeg. With our onsite inventory and access to thousands of cars of used cars through online dealer networks we will find you exactly what you are looking for.

Budgeting Advice

We take the time to consider your budget and comfort zone with monthly payments. We also offer a used car finance calculator that provides an accurate estimation of monthly payments.

Finance Experts

We do our best to help everyone regardless of good or bad credit. We ensure you'll have all the options and details to consider before committing to a used car loan.

Rebuild Bad Credit

We offer stress free financing in Winnipeg. Good Credit? Bad Credit? or No Credit? We will not only help you drive away in a fresh car today but also help you build good credit while doing it.

Canada-Wide Shipping

We can ship across Canada! Do you live in a remote community and want to get a bad credit car loan? No problem. We have the ability to get it to you!